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d-aspartic acid for testosterone

D-aspartic Acid For Testosterone: The Lies And The Truth

Every once in awhile, a new “next best thing since sliced bread” appears on the supplement market.A few years ago it was Tribulus Terrestris.Before that, Ashwagandha was all the rage.Lately, the ingredient bodybuilders have praised is D-aspartic acid.It promises to pump up your testosterone, fast-track your muscle growth and supercharge your libido.However, as with every […]

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tribulus terrestris

The Devil’s Weed Science: Does Tribulus Terrestris Really Increase Testosterone?

Are you looking for a testosterone boost?Do you want to improve athletically, build more muscle and become stronger and are looking for an edge?Or do you suffer from signs of low testosterone and would like to improve your libido and sex life?Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that is often said to help with both. Quick […]

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