Testosterone Boosting Exercises

If you're looking to boost your testosterone, it's best to take a balanced approach. Natural supplements are a great way to achieve this goal, but we highly recommend integrating a balanced workout routine into your game-plan.

Science has proven that a regular exercise routine helps to raise testosterone levels, and produces a large amount of both physical and mental health benefits.

The Relationship Between Exercise and Testosterone

The correlation between exercise and testosterone varies on a case by case basis. There are a few factors which may influence how much you can expect your T levels to rise by working out:

Your weight - Studies have shown that overweight and obese men suffer from low T at a much higher rate. If you're overweight and suffering from low T, address your weight problem with regular exercise to help raise your testosterone levels and improve your overall health.

Your age - Research shows that older men experience less of a testosterone boost after working out. Young and middle-aged men stand to make the biggest testosterone gains through exercise.

Your workout time - Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Your T-level usually peaks in the morning and dips to its lowest point during the afternoon. However, studies have proven that post-workout testosterone boosts are highest in the evening.

Your current fitness - If you currently have no workout routine whatsoever, you'll experience sharper T-boosts than someone who works out five times per week. But eventually, your body will adjust, and your gains will level out.

If your testosterone levels are abnormally low, you'll probably need to combine natural testosterone supplements with your workout to see the best results. But regardless of your testosterone level, a well-structured and frequent exercise routine is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

Testosterone levels peak for about 30 minutes post-workout, before returning to baseline levels after about an hour. Men who regularly lift weights have higher resting levels of testosterone.

What a T-boosting Routine Looks Like

t-boosting workout

All types of exercise can help raise your T-levels. Remember, increased testosterone levels are just one of several benefits of a regular workout. While weight lifting is proven to have the greatest effect on testosterone, it’s best to build a well-balanced routine that will help to improve your overall physical fitness.

But if you want to focus on boosting your T correctly, there are several useful methods:

Use compound lifts and full-body workouts - Focus on workout routines which hit all of your main muscle groups. These are much more efficient than isolated exercises, such as curls or rows.

Use heavier weights - You're better off doing fewer reps with heavier weights than mass reps with light ones. This method is the best for building muscle and boosting testosterone.

Do forced sets - Challenging yourself in the gym goes a long way. When you're near failure, have a spotter help you push out additional 1-5 sets. This will help you maximize your workout and your testosterone gains.

Shorter rest periods - Push yourself by taking shorter breaks between your sets.

Don’t skip leg day - If you’re working out to add muscle mass, it may be tempting to focus solely on the upper body. But lower body workouts such as squats and lunges are scientifically proven to produce the highest boosts.

High-intensity burst training - Burst workouts are a great way to boost your testosterone level. A study showed that T-levels increased after participants performed a series of 6-second sprints.

Combine these practices with the occasional cardio and stretching routines to boost your T-level and your overall fitness.

Our Favorite T-Boosting Routines

10-minute Burst-Training Exercises

According to Dr. Daniel Pompa, high-intensity burst training is the most efficient way to burn fat, slow the aging process, and increase your testosterone levels. This type of routine produces much better results than an endurance routine, which requires extended cardio.

These exercises require you to work out an intense pace for 30-60 seconds, or however long it takes to get your heart-rate pumping. You should be out of breath and have trouble speaking by the end of each set. Take a 2-3-minute break before diving back in, and do 3-4 sets.

The best part of this method? Anyone can do it, regardless of fitness level. Keeping your heart rate elevated is all that matters. This is what allows your body to enter a fat burning zone which will last 2-3 days after the workout.

You can also get creative with this routine. Use whatever tools work best for you, or are readily available. Jumping rope, burpees, and bodyweight exercises are all great options.

Here’s an example of what a good burst routine looks like:

Choose your method. Some options include; running, swimming, biking, jumping jacks, compound dumbbell lifts

Warm up for 2 minutes - Do some stretches to get warmed up

Exercise at full intensity for 20 seconds - Set a timer, go as hard as you can, and get your heart pumping for 20 seconds

Exercise at a steady pace for 2 minutes - Do the same exercise at a steady pace for 2 minutes

A second high-intensity 20-second burst

A second steady-pace 2-minute workout

One last high-intensity 20-second burst

3-minute cool-down period

You only need to perform this routine three times per week to see results in fat burning and testosterone levels. That's just 30 minutes of exercise per week, and it's much more productive than several hours of endurance training.

T-Nation’s T-Boosting Weightlifting Routine Plan

Choose this workout if you have at least an intermediate level of fitness. This routine gives you a choice of three multi-joint lifts.

Complete 6-8 reps for each exercise.

Start with a weight level which you can do 8-9 reps for. In subsequent sets, push yourself to knock out at least six reps each. If you begin to fail after fewer than five reps, slightly decrease the weight until you can make it to 6.

Take a rest period of 48 hours between each workout day. You can engage in low-intensity workouts during these off-days if you choose.

T-Nation also recommends meditating for 12 minutes at the end of your daily workout. Meditation has been scientifically proven to help your central nervous system recover more quickly.

Make sure you mix up your workout routines from day-to-day. If you try to complete the same exact routine three times a week, you'll burn yourself out.

Workout 1

Warmup: Jump rope for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of jumping jacks. Take a 30-minute rest period and then repeat for three sets.


Hammer grip pullups

Standing cable chest press

Reverse lunge


Remember to start with a weight you can do 8-9 reps for, before leveling out at 6-8 reps. Push yourself to lift the max you can handle for 6-8 reps throughout the workout.

Complete six sets of each exercise, with one minute of rest between each set and five minutes of rest between each of the three exercises.

Remember to rest for 48 hours before moving on to the second workout.

Workout 2

Warm-up: Follow the same warm-up as Workout 1


● One-arm dumbbell rows (no rest between arms)

● Dips from rings

● Romanian deadlift


Follow the same set of instructions from workout 1

Workout 3

Warm-up: Same as above


● Overhand grip pull-up with rings, arms wide

● Standing dumbbell shoulder press

● Goblet squats

Directions: Same as above

Lower Body T-Boosting Workout

As we mentioned above, lower body workouts have been shown to produce the sharpest spikes in testosterone levels. This lower body focused routine from Men’s Fitness is a great option for increasing strength, muscle mass, and testosterone.

Warm-up: Spend 30 seconds each doing jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, high knees, and jogging in place. Complete two sets of this warm up.

Exercises: Complete three sets with minimal rest, and remember to push yourself and choose the highest weight you can handle.

● Ten goblet squats at max weight possible

● 15 plyometric jump squats

● Rest for 1 minute

● 10 Bulgarian split squats per side. You can do this with just your bodyweight or carry dumbbells at your side if you wish.

● 15 split squats (count both legs as one set each)

Squats are one of the most effective workout routines around, for just about every fitness goal. This routine is a bit of a challenge and requires at least a moderate amount of physical fitness, but the T-boosting results are well worth it.

Alternatively, here's the T-boosting exercise pack by SixPackShortcuts guyes:

Final Thoughts

Remember that the testosterone boosting process varies on a case by case basis. But regardless of your age or fitness level, a well-structured workout routine is guaranteed to make you a healthier person. Just make sure not to exert yourself too hard and find a plan that best matches your current fitness level.

Commitment is the cornerstone of any successful workout program. Your results will flourish as long as you stick to the plan and don't miss any gym days unless completely necessary. Combine a regular exercise routine with natural T-boosting supplements to see the maximum testosterone gains.

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