Best Testosterone Boosters For 2021





Best For Both Athletes And Average Men

Top recommended for increasing test, physical stamina, lean muscle mass, mental focus, libido and energy.



Best For HGH And Testosterone Growth

ZMA and other minerals for muscle growth, higher physical performance and virility.

Prime Male

prime male

Best For Average Aging Men

Formula for reversing the loss of testosterone over the years.



Best For Boosting Athletic Performance

Aimed at athletes and gym-lovers looking to build lean muscles and reduce body fat.



Best For Testosterone Increase

Well-balanced formula for natural boost of energy, sex drive, mental focus and strength.

After 30 years of age, a man's testosterone production goes down. The downfall is not immediate or in chunks, but there is a decrease nonetheless for the man to feel the difference over time. Enter testosterone boosters!

A testosterone booster helps reverse that biological clock and helps the body make testosterone like before. There are different testosterone boosters, but the best testosterone boosters are far and between.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best testosterone boosters. But before we do that, let us get to know testosterone boosters better.

How Do the Best Testosterone Boosters Work?

Testosterone boosters work by helping the body make its own natural testosterone. Contrary to popular belief, no synthetic or man-made testosterone is added to the body. The best testosterone boosters push the body to make testosterone like before.

Ingredients such as fenugreek, ginseng, tribulus terrestris, vitamin D3, zinc, etc. help rekindle the body's natural testosterone production.

The results may not be the same across board, since some men may need little help and quite a few others could require significant amount of support.

Moreover, the body chemistries may differ too, which could influence the effectiveness of even the top rated testosterone boosters.

Long story short, the dosage requirements and/or length of usage could vary but the results would eventually be there to be seen.

Testosterone Booster Advantages

increased male perfomance

The best testosterone boosting pills bring along a host of benefits. However, the primary or the more important advantages are increased strength, improved muscle mass, decreased fat, and elevated sex drive.

Muscle strength is key for athletes such as sprinters, football players, weightlifters, etc. since these sports demand tremendous muscle strength and endurance.

Steroids also help improve muscle mass and strength but they aren't as safe as the best testosterone boosters.

Increased muscle mass also means a manly appearance, which most men desire and sweat out in the gym for that very reason. Muscle mass cannot be visible if camouflaged by fat cover, which is why the best testosterone boosters focus on burning fat as well.

Most importantly, testosterone is what drives a man's performance in bed, which is why spiking testosterone levels translates into an automatic boost in sex drive.

Things to Look for in a Test-boosting Supplement

If you've purchased testosterone boosters in the past, you probably know what to look for in these supplements. However, if you're out in the market looking for the best testosterone boosters for the first time, it's important you focus first on the ingredients.

Natural ingredients are safe and more effective. However, the efficacy of the product is not directly correlated to the number of ingredients on-board.

Specific herbs are more effective than others when it comes to boosting testosterone levels. Therefore, keep an eye out for the right ingredients. Moreover, research more about the parent company and how long it has been in the industry.

Companies that have been doing the rounds for years and have a fairly good reputation within the buyer community are likely to be consistent with their offerings, or produce the top testosterone boosters.

Therefore, do not buy from no-name brands or relatively new firms, regardless of how inexpensive their products are.

Using a Testosterone Booster

taking test booster pills

When we talk about testosterone booster usage, we are inferring to the actual dosage and the right time to pop in those pills.

Generally, it's recommended the supplements are taken in the morning, with breakfast. This way you provide your body with the energy needed to stay active and productive during the day.

The effects of even the best testosterone boosters usually don't last days. The impact stays only for a day, which is why administering the drug after dinner may result in the infused energy not getting utilized properly or extensively.

As far as dosage is concerned, it depends on several variables - such as the individual, testosterone booster brand, user requirements, etc.

Generally, the product would have the recommended dosage mentioned on its packaging. 

But you may get a health expert on-board if you're not particularly sure about how many and how often should the capsules be popped in within a 24-hour period.

Usage Prerequisites

The best testosterone boosters work for people who are in good health and in the right frame of mind. Pregnant ladies, kids and teens, people with specific health issues, etc. should refrain from administering such supplements.

Some people are prone to allergies. They should hence pilot-test these supplements and go full throttle only if they're certain that they aren't allergic to the supplements or their ingredients.

It's not just physical health but a proper approach is also required. You should know that even the best testosterone supplements are not magic pills that can help you achieve your bodybuilding or athletic goals without you batting an eye.

These so called "best testosterone boosters" would work only if one is mindful of what he eats, and exercises frequently.

If you're not ready to quit your junk food or cannot stop being a couch potato, you may go ahead and take these best testosterone boosters, but do not expect anything positive out of them.

Top 5 Testosterone Boosters For 2021

If you're looking for some testosterone booster recommendations, the following are our expert suggestions.

Remember, if you're administering a testosterone pills, you should expect some unwanted effects coming your way.

However, compared to most other products, the side effects are the least with these products. Now that we've got our disclaimers done with, let's get straight to the pills.

#1 - Testogen

testogen new formula 2018




Testogen is the #1-ranking testosterone supplement right now.

And it's hot for a reason.

It can equally help advanced body builders and just-starting-to-transform-my-lazy-ass-into-a-decent-kind-of-body men.

So in whichever of the two types you fall into, Testogen has the power to help you build lean muscle mass fast, naturally and safely.

By increasing your testosterone, Testogen essentially puts in place your muscle building journey.

Your stamina will improve and so will your power.

You will find it easier and more rewarding to hit the gym and smash your boundaries as testosterone will give you the much-needed punch to achieve all these.

As your body has more testosterone to play around with, your motivation to workout and the energy to carry through will be by leaps and bounds.

Your body will start transforming in real-time as body fats melts away and lean muscle takes it place resulting in a ripped, strong body.

With a hard-to-argue-with formula that contains the D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek, Ginseng and essential T-boosting vitamins and other minerals, it's no coincidence results are safe, fast and substantial.

So it makes absolute sense, that Testogen is a men's favourite. Athletes and fitness buffs speak about it enthusiastically while showing off their hard, lean bodies on YouTube and personal fitness blogs.

#2 - Test RX





TestRx fits the bill as one of the best testosterone booster for muscle gain; it will naturally increase your testosterone levels making workouts more fun, easier and more efficient in increasing your muscle mass overall.

TestRx has a handpicked formula of natural herbs and vitamins linked to testosterone boost and it comes with perks such as improving your virility and sex drive, giving your more energy and reduced overall body fat (replaced by impressive lean muscle mass).

We love that's covered by a 60-day money back guarantee and developed in the US by a reputable company Leading Edge Health.

It might contain ingredients other muscle gain supplements do, but TestRx has the ideal dosage of all and in premium quality ones.

#3 - Prime Male

prime male




Prime male is a close second to Testogen.

It's safe, natural and it's without a doubt one of the best test boosters for building muscle

The sooner you realize that consuming insane amounts of protein and lifting weights won't help you build the body of your dream, the faster you can invest your focus on supplements that truly matter.

Sure, whey protein and creatine are essential, especially if your working out like a mad man, but you're missing a big piece in the puzzle that is what will make all the difference.

Prime Male promises to turn back the clock to a time when your testosterone was at a healthy, high level.

It claims to increase your testosterone so that you can build new muscle mass fast and become stronger even faster.

Designed for men after their late thirties, Prime Male achieves high T levels by regulating the release of female hormones and cortisol and at the same time, increasing the release of testosterone so you can reclaim your active, strong, ripped self.

Its formulation is ideal for men in their 40s, 50s and 60s and anyone younger with significantly low test levels.

So if you're in this age bracket and want to easily replace fat with lean muscle, Prime Male is the right choice for you.

It can be taken without any breaks and it can increase your testosterone by up to 40% in less than 2 weeks.

The winning feature of Prime Male —and the one that awarded it its #2 top place is — that it optimizes your current testosterone levels by ensuring they are not converted into estrogen.

But there's more, it also activates the release of more testosterone, setting in motion the anti-aging process that will alleviate low-test level associated symptoms.

#4 - TestoFuel





The top #3 muscle gain supplement is Testofuel, it would've been ranked second if it wasn't for Prime Male's matchless formula.

You see, Testofuel and Prime Male have the very close formulas.

Only, Prime Male includes three key extra ingredients, Mucuna Pruriens, Nettle Root Extract, and BioPerine which further accelerate muscle gain by making testosterone availability in your body really a piece of cake.

So all things being equal, Testofuel is a great, natural, safe way to increase lean muscle mass without having to resort to steroids and needles.

Its formula is made exclusively of natural herbs, vitamins and amino acids making it the go-to supplement for first-timers, body builders and athletes alike.

Testofuel is ideal if you're just getting started as it needs no PCT, meaning you can take it for long periods of time before taking a break. (However, no matter what the bottle says, always cycle your t booster, man)

It's science-backed. It's natural. It's approved by us! Give it a whirl for 90 days. Win or lose, you're covered by their 90-days money back guarantee.

#5 - TestoMax

testomax review




Another top 5 testosterone supplement is Testomax which is ideal for impressive muscle gain, better stamina, and more physical strength.

Testomax is a safe, natural alternative to steroids. It can help you with fast recovery and new lean muscle mass through one key ingredient, tribulus terrestris.

This plan has the power to increase luteinizing hormone synthesis in your body.

Now, if you're wondering why this is such a big deal, LH is what ultimately raises your testosterone levels and sets in motion the much-needed muscle gains you want to achieve. Simple as that.

Apart from tribulus terrestris, Testomax by Crazy Bulk contains other test-boosting herbs and vitamins including fenugreek extract, selenium, D-AA and Vitamins B6 and D3.

Testomax is perfect if you're a bodybuilder who's stumbled on a muscle gain plateau. It can also help you increase your mass if you're starting to work out just now.

It will motivate you from day one due to its ability to increase your mass fast and safely, further fuelling your workout efforts. As you find yourself getting stronger and fitter with each workout, you will reach your fitness ambition fast.

You can read our extensive review on Testomax here or head straight to checkout, why wait a minute longer!?


With health supplements or medicinal products, it's hard to recommend a particular brand or item over another, especially if the other products are no slouches themselves. Moreover, not all products work the same for everyone.

A supplement that works optimally for one individual may not offer the same benefits to another person.

But if we really had to take a call among the aforementioned testosterone boosters, our money would definitely be on Alpha Boost by Prime Labs.

It's inexpensive, but that's not the reason why we feel it's the best, since health products cannot be purchased based on their pricing.

What does the trick for Testogen in this showdown is the fact that a lot of people have used it before and have only good things to say about it. In other words, it's a tried-and-tested product. It's a supplement I've personally tested with great results

When a product has worked for so many people, it's likely to work for you as well. This is why Testogen is our number one choice.

A carefully selected series of ingredients and an ideal dosage of each ensure your testosterone levels go up naturally yet significantly enough to have visible muscle gains a few weeks into its use.

You can read the Testogen review here or head straight to the official website to get it now.

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