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Reviewed Product: P6 Extreme Pump

p6 extreme pump

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  • Made by  well-known Cellucor brand


  • Proprietary blend of main ingredients
  • Extremely overpriced
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Apart from this supplement is made by a famous brand Cellucor, there're no benefits as it comes to testosterone boosting. 

There are no serious customer feedback on this supplement, and it contains proprietary blend with no clear dosages of each ingredinet, which makes me recommend other top 5 supplements that deliver real results.

From adding stacks of shredded muscle to improved libido and keeping your mood swings under control, healthy testosterone levels play a crucial role in male physiology.

Much like other bodily functions, age takes its toll on testosterone production thus negatively affecting all the above factors including many others.  

P6 Extreme Pump has been formulated to address two important aspects; increase in natural testosterone levels and improved muscle pump.

What is P6 Extreme Pump:

  • Coming from P6 family of test boosters from fitness supplements heavyweight Cellucor, P6 Extreme Pump is the new version of what was previously known as P6 Extreme.
  • Cellucor claims P6 Extreme Pump to be “all-in one” test booster with clinically proven ingredients with no adverse effects.
  • Although a test booster at its core; apart from reduced testosterone levels, P6 Extreme Pump has been formulated to tackle a range of issues experienced by most aging men such as loss of lean muscle, increased lethargy, plummeting libido and weakened workouts.
  • Cellucor claims P6 Extreme Pump to be “all-in one” test booster with clinically proven ingredients with no adverse effects.
  • As a side note, you don’t need to be an “old or an aging” man to benefit from a test booster. Researches have shown increased testosterone levels positively impact athletic performance and exertion recovery in younger athletes.

How P6 Extreme Pump Works

man with barbells

Apart from bumping declining testosterone levels, P6 Extreme Pump promises to bring about a marked improvement in areas such as stronger muscle pump, increased strength, increased energy levels, lean muscle gain and support for vasodilation. 

It boosts testosterone primarily through a combination of two natural ingredients known for their test boosting abilities; ashwagandha root and long jack fruit extract.

It gives you a stronger, harder muscle pump and triggers quicker recovery between workouts. How? By supporting vasodilation.

Vasodilation is essentially the process by which the blood vessels in our body relax and widen, allowing for greater blood flow. This widening of blood vessels has two very pronounced effects; one, increased nutrient delivery to muscles, allowing you to push harder.

Secondly, efficient removal of metabolic waste such as lactic acid and ammonia thus enabling you recover faster and allowing you to squeeze every last ounce from each rep.

P6 Extreme Pump maintains hormonal balance within our bodies through regulating estrogen levels.

Although both testosterone and estrogen are found in males and females alike; maintaining a balance between them is crucial since estrogen spikes in men can lead to a host of complications such as low sperm count leading to infertility, “gynecomastia” or breast tissue growth and not to mention erectile dysfunction. 


cellucor ingredients
ashwagandha root

Ashwagandha is an herb in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system native to India. It's been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to tackle a host of issues ranging from infertility to waning libido and boosting endurance and testosterone.

It has been scientifically shown how ashwagandha can positively impact male testosterone. This 2010 study shows how taking ashwagandha root increased testosterone in infertile men.   

Apart from improving muscle pump, Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T) has been shown to positively impact recovery and endurance levels.

This 2013 study published in European Journal of Applied Physiology shows how NO3 supplementation can improve endurance and muscle efficiency during intense physical activity.


​​​LJ100 Jack fruit extract. Jack fruit (aka Tongkat Ali) has been used in the traditional medicine of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam for conditions such as infertility, for weakness after child birth and even to treat fever.

In the modern day though Jack fruit extract has been put forth mainly as a test booster and aphrodisiac. This 2011 study shows how Jack fruit extract can boost testosterone levels.       

Nitrosigine (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate) raises Nitric Oxide Levels thus supporting vasodilation, which as explained earlier enhances muscle pump and strength through better nutrient delivery and improves endurance through metabolic waste removal.

This 2016 study shoes how Nitrosigine supplementation in men can improve both cognitive ability and muscle nutrient delivery during physical activity.  

Agaricus Bisporus extract.  Agaricus Bisporus is more commonly known as white button mushroom. It plays a key part in maintaining a hormonal balance between estrogen and testosterone in men.

This 2006 study demonstrates estrogen suppression properties of white button mushrooms.

Fenugreek Extract. Indigenous to India and North Africa, fenugreek has been used in traditional medicine for treating arthritis and sexual dysfunction.

Its positive impact has also been shown on muscle strength and power output in this 2010 study published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.   

placenta sheep

Ovine (Sheep) Placenta Powder. Placenta is essentially an organ that develops in the uterus along with a fetus in many mammals (including humans) and is discharged after birth. it is then collected, processed, and used for various purposes.

Highly used in cosmetic products, it’s also known for the release luteinizing hormone thus increasing testosterone levels.

Since we couldn’t find any tangible scientific data demonstrating its effectiveness, we can’t really give a definitive opinion on this.

Stinging Nettle Root Extract has been known to boost free testosterone levels and treat conditions such as arthritis and joint pain. Again we could not find any tangible data conclusively this ingredient with testosterone increase.

Diindolylmethane is essentially a molecule found in broccoli and kale. It’s known for its anti- cancer properties but more relevant to this review is its estrogen suppression abilities.

Side Effects

We will examine major side effects (if any) of each ingredient to give you a clearer picture and help you make the right decision.

Ashwagandha is generally considered well-tolerated in small to medium doses.

Arginine nitrate supplementation is not recommended if you have low blood pressure, herpes and upcoming surgical procedures.

Plus Taking arginine nitrate for prolonged periods of time may cause bloating, abdominal pains, airway inflammation, hypotension (low blood pressure), headaches, gout, blood abnormalities and worsening of allergy or asthma symptoms.

Although jackfruit extract has numerous benefits but can cause allergic reactions. It is not recommended if you have birch pollen allergies or blood related disorders, as it can increase coagulation

Nitrosigine is not recommended if have low blood pressure or hypertension. You should reconsider taking Nitrosigine supplements if you’re a diabetic. Best to consult your doctor before use.

Agaricus Bisporus extract has been known to be safe for most people when taken for up to 12 weeks.

If you’re allergic to peanuts you may want to reconsider taking fenugreek seed supplementation.

If you’re on diabetic or low blood pressure medications, nettle root may reduce blood sugar and blood pressure.

Although there are not reported side effects of ovine placenta powder, but the lack of concrete scientific data makes it quite difficult to make a definitive judgment on that.

If taken in high dosages Diindolylmethane can cause increase in estrogen levels in men plus darkening of urine.

User Reviews

Since it is still a “new-ish” product, we were unable to find a decent number of user reviews. Even Cellucor’s own website has less than 10 reviews for P6 Extreme.

These reviews were ok but not stellar scoring an average of 4 stars out of five especially when compared to its predecessor (P6 Extreme), which scored about 4.5 even on independent supplement review platforms.

That being said it’s still a bit too early make a solid call on its efficacy.

How It Stacks Up Against Other T-Boosters

Most of the top 5 T-boosters (such as TestoFuel, Testogen, TestRx, Testo-Max) have 3-4 ingredients in common such as fenugreek, DAA, ginseng extract, Vitamin B and D, nettle root.

Whereas P6 Extreme Pump has a vastly different blend. It has only 2 of these ingredients (fenugreek and nettle root extract), making it a more of dark horse of the T-booster category.

More importantly, all the above-mentioned T-boosters clock under $70 for 1 month’s supply as compared to much more expensive P6 Extreme Pump priced at $99.99.

Should You Buy It?

As of now we would suggest waiting for at-least a few months before taking the plunge. There are several factors that bring us to this conclusion.

One, the sheer lack of user review data, secondly its proprietary blend keeps us in the dark about how much of each ingredient is in there, which essentially makes it impossible to ascertain efficacy plus it’s expensive.

So the only way to actually be sure of its claimed efficacy is to wait for a good number of user reviews to roll in, which would really clarify the picture.

Where To Buy

As of it is only available at the Cellucor website. Here’s the product link https://cellucor.com/products/p6-extreme-pump .

As of now Cellucor does not seem to offer any bulk buy discount deals, which is offered all the top 5 test-boosters mentioned above.

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