Force Factor Test X180 Alpha Review

Reviewed Product: Force Factor TestX180 Alpha

test x 180 alpha package

Overall Ratin​g:


User Satisfaction:




  • Beneficial for libido enhancement and muscle building
  • Overall feedback by customer is mostly positive
  • Made by Force Factor company (USA specs in male health & muscle building range of products)


  • The formula contains the proprietary blend without exact amounts of each ingredient
  • Pretty pricey when buying from the official Force Factor website
  • Some portion of customers report no effects from taking this supplement


Made by Force Factor company, Test X 180 Alpha is specifically designed for testosterone boosting effects. While it doesn't directly affect your T levels, it gives you the effects that come with increased testosterone: enhanced libido, harder erections, better endurance during workouts and overally increased activity.

Product at a Glance

test x 180 alpha package

Test X180 Alpha is a male supplement that promises to provide you with significantly improved physical performance and sexual prowess. It believes in enhancing one’s masculinity so that you can reach your peak potential and become the true alpha male that you have always wanted to be.

This supplement also claims to help you build some lean muscle mass while strengthening the blood flow throughout your body.

The result is an impressive ability to maximize both your stamina and power.

Test X180 Alpha was developed by a company called Force Factor, LLC.

According to the company’s website, they offer a number of testosterone boosters, including Test X180 Alpha. Aside from this, they also have wide range of nitric oxide boosters.

They also have several supplements for men, including thermogenics, men’s health, cognitive health and daily nutrition.

Aside from these, the company behind Test X180 Alpha also offers a number of workout support products.

These include pre-workout powders, intra-workout powders and post-workout recovery products.

How Test X180 Alpha Works

Test X180 Alpha contains a blend of some powerful natural ingredients. Together, these work to increase your libido, improve your sexual performance, strengthen your body’s blood flow, build lean muscle mass and maximize both stamina and power.

At the same time, this supplement also works to readily increase your body’s testosterone levels, which is extremely helpful if you are the type who enjoys working out daily.

That means that when you start to take Test X180 Alpha regularly, you are expected to see some positive changes in your overall physique.

Meanwhile, you would also become more effective in your workouts and even handle heavier weights in no time.

Test X180 Alpha Ingredients – What Makes This Supplement Stand Out?

Test X180 Alpha contains several safe and natural ingredients that work together to help improve your physical condition and performance in bed.

Among this is the supplement’s breakthrough ingredient known as Testofen.

x180 alpha ingredients

Let’s take a look at all the ingredients and exactly what they can do to give you physical and sexual enhancement:  

Fenugreek Seed Extract (Testofen)

fenugreek seed extract

Among the key ingredients Test X180 Alpha is Testofen and this mainly refers to fenugreek seed extract.

Fenugreek is a popular herb in India and Arabic regions. It has long been known to help improve one’s masculinity and libido. In fact, it has been found to help increase testosterone levels significantly.

According to a study conducted by Indus Biotech Private Limited and Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College in Pune, Maharashtra, India, supplementation with fenugreek seed extract for eight weeks resulted in a significant increase in free and total serum testosterone levels among participants.

Fenugreek supplementation has also resulted in improved upper body strength, lower body strength and body composition, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2010. 

At the same time, a study conducted on Testofen by Applied Science and Nutrition Pty Ltd. In Brisbane, Australia has also found that treatment with Testofen can have a significant positive effect on various physiological llibido aspects.

Hence, it can also help maintain good testosterone levels.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is often used in various cardiovascular health and sports performance supplements.

Supplementation with l-citrulline is known to reduce fatigue. Even better, it has also been found to improve endurance when one is engaged in anaerobic and aerobic prolonged exercise.

In fact, one study conducted by the Université de la Méditerranée in Marseille, France has found that citrulline supplementation can result in improvement in muscular contraction efficiency. 

Aside from this, another study conducted by Faculté de Médecine de la Timone in Marseille, France has also found that supplementation with citrulline can result in better aerobic energy production in a person’s exercising muscle.

Citrulline is also known to be an effective pro-erectile agent. A study conducted by University of Foggia in Foggia, Italy has found that taking an l-citrulline supplement orally can help improve erection hardness among men suffering from mild erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba Bark Extract

catuaba bark extract

Commonly featured in Brazilian herbal medicine, the catuaba bark is said to be related to the coca plant.

This bark is said to contain three specific type of alkaloids that can help promote healthy libido. 

Moreover, the catuaba bark is also known to contain yohimbine, which is a natural aphrodisiac.

At the same time, catuaba bark has also been proven to help improve erectile strength. In fact, a study at the University of Campinas in Brazil has found that catuaba can allow better flow to the penis. 

Another study conducted by the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil has also found that catuaba extract can increase the release of dopamine in the body, which can help deliver a more pleasurable sexual experience.

Maca Root Extract

maca root extract

Maca is a plant that belongs to the broccoli family. Historically grown in Peru, the maca root resembles a turnip and comes in various colors like pink, red, yellow and black.

The maca plant has long been known as an aphrodisiac. A study conducted by Northumbria University in Newcastle, United Kingdom has found that supplementation with maca can result in an improved self-rated sexual desire score.

Moreover, it also improved the participants’ cycling time trial performance.

At the same time, maca supplementation has also found to be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.

A study conducted by the Morgagni-Pierantoni Hospital in Forlì, Italy has found that maca extract can result in significantly improved Satisfaction Profile and International Index of Erectile Function scores among patients suffering from mild erectile dysfunction.

Damiana Leaf Extract


The damiana plant is a small shrub known for its aromatic leaves. This plant is commonly found in the West Indies, Central America, South America and Mexico.

The damiana plant is known to be a natural aphrodisiac that can enhance libido for both men and women.

According to a research done by Jamia Hamdard in New Delhi, India, a study conducted on damiana found that it had significantly increased the percentage of males who were able to achieve one ejaculatory series and resume a second one. 

Moreover, damiana has also been found to reduce a man’s post-ejaculatory interval significantly.

Muira Puama Root Extract

muira puama root

Also known as potency wood, muira puama has traditionally been used as a nerve tonic and aphrodisiac in Brazil.

Academic research conducted on Asian herbals and aphrodisiacs in 2017 found that muira puama can serve as an effective nerve stimulant and heighten one’s receptiveness to the physical sensation of sex.

At the same time, the sterols found in potency wood has also been found to activate the body’s receptors for hormones such as testosterone. This leads to an increase in libido and better performance.

Aside from these special natural ingredients, Force Factor X180 Alpha also includes various vitamins and minerals which can help you maintain good overall health daily. These include:

  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
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  • Alternate Arrow Right
  • Alternate Arrow Right

Force Factor X180 Alpha Potential Side Effects

According to the supplement's label, this product was manufactured using GMP equipment which processes products such as tree nuts, peanut flavor eggs, milk, wheat, fish oil shellfish and soybeans.

Hence, you may experience allergy or food intolerance symptoms to these upon taking the supplement.

Common symptoms of food allergy include:

  • Itching or tingling in the mouth
  • Swelling of the face, lips, throat, tongue and other parts of the body
  • Trouble breathing
  • check
    Nasal congestion
  • check
  • check
    Abdominal pain
  • check
  • check
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  • check

On the other hand, you may also experience several symptoms of food intolerance.

According to the National Health Service in United Kingdom, these include:

  • Skin rashes
  • Itching
  • Stomach pain
  • check
  • check

To be sure that Force Factor Test X180 Alpha is safe for you, it is best to consult with a physician first before you start taking this supplement.

You may also be asked to undergo an intolerance or allergy test during your consultation.

Force Factor Test X180 Alpha Testimonials – What Users Are Currently Saying

Today, Test X180 Alpha by Force Factor has been getting some good feedback from various users. In fact, it currently has a score of three out of five stars from Consumer Health Digest.

At the same time, there are several users personally attesting to the effectiveness of Test X 180 in improving their physical performance.

According to a testimonial posted by Paul Nigro on the product website,

“I train in mixed martial arts. What I noticed when I started taking this supplement was that I was no longer tired and fatigued after training. Because of this I was able to give a lot more in my training sessions and was able to work out more often as well. After a few days of taking the supplement I also noticed that my body looked tighter, more toned, and I felt better.”

At the same time, another user, Markus Hrdina, said that

“the difference was immediate” upon taking the supplement. “I have always been consistently working out since high school. This year I really started working out more consistently and started getting into bodybuilding. Of course diet and nutrition are important factors, but I ran into a friend who told me the right supplements are also important. I tried TestX Alpha and the difference was immediate. I felt stronger during my workouts and had more energy towards the last few sets. I continue to gain lean muscle and see my body developing constantly. I'm sure TestX Alpha will help me reach my fitness goals,” he further explained.

There were also some testimonials on the GNC website that positively remark about Test X180 Alpha when it comes to its libido and erection enhancement properties.

One user named Greg A referred to this booster as “the real ED supplement” saying,

 “I have been taking the BIG RED PILL which I found on eBay and this product really works better than all of the products listed in this review. I have tried all of these and was very disappointed with the results.” At the same time, another customer named Isaiah C. stated, “Great! Complete 180 in my sex life I just needa hit the gym more & I am completely a new man.”

Here are some videos reviews from customers who've tried this formula: 

How Test X180 Alpha Compares to the Top Five Boosters

Now that you’ve learned more about what Test X180 Alpha can do for you, it’s time to find out how this supplement compares to some of the best-selling testosterone boosters around today:

Test X180 Alpha vs TestoGen


TestoGen is one of the few testosterone boosters that have gotten five-star reviews from its users. 

Developed and manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited in Cyprus, this supplement is known for a unique blend of natural ingredients that can stimulate libido and enhance both physical and mental performance.

Not only that, TestoGen also promises to help you reduce body fat around the waist and even lower your blood pressure levels.

This supplement can also reportedly strengthen your muscle mass and help you build more lean muscle to help make your physique stronger.

Because it has more benefits than Test X180, TestoGen may prove to be the better male supplement.

Winner: TestoGen - Visit Official Website

Test X180 Alpha vs Prime Male

prime male

Prime Male is another natural testosterone booster that promises enhanced male vitality. 

Its blend of ingredients promises to also help you increase your daily energy, improve your cognitive function and enhance your libido.

It also helps regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure.

Because of these benefits that X180 Alpha does not possess, it is safe to say that Prime Male has the winning edge.

Winner: Prime Male - Visit Official Website

Test X180 Alpha vs TestoFuel


TestoFuel is said to contain all-natural ingredients including oyster extract, which is known to contain natural aphrodisiac properties. 

It also contains ginseng, which is known to help energize the body while also enhancing libido.

Because TestoFuel has more beneficial ingredients compared to Test X180 Alpha, TestoFuel is the better supplement.

Winner: TestoFuel - Visit Official Website

Test X180 Alpha vs TestRX


TestRX is another natural testosterone booster that promises to increase your energy and boost your physical strength while enhancing your sex drive. 

Just like Test X180, TestRX also contains fenugreek extract along with a blend of vitamins and minerals.

Based on its ingredient profile, however, it seems Test X180 Alpha has a greater blend of ingredients which may mean that it is more effective. Hence, it is safe to say that Test X180 Alpha is a better supplement than TestRX.

Winner: Test X180 Alpha

Test X180 Alpha vs Testo-Max

Crazy BulkTesto-Max is another booster that promises to bring up your testosterone levels naturally. 

Its website promises that there are no illegal steroids in its formula. Meanwhile, its key ingredient is the amino acid regulator D-aspartic acid. This is said to manufacture luteinizing hormone, which powers up testosterone production in the body.

According to its website, Testo-Max has received five-star reviews. It also features exact amount of ingredients instead of proprietary blend like X180 Aplha does. Because of this, it may have an edge over Test X180.

Winner: Testo-Max - Visit Official Website

Do We Recommend Test X180 Alpha?

Test X180 Alpha is a testosterone booster that is made of all-natural ingredients. Because of this, it is generally safe to take although we cannot guarantee that it would deliver any desired results.

And in case you fail to experience any benefits in your physical performance or libido after a few weeks of taking it regularly, feel free to discontinue taking the product.

However, based on the number of positive reviews (including the video ones we've posted), it's a great choice if you mostly look for increasing your sexual capacities along with muscle building results in a gym. 

Where to Buy Test X180 Alpha

Generally, it is quite easy to order Test X180 Alpha online. In fact, you can purchase the supplement at the Force Factor website itself for a price of $139.99 per pack of 120 capsules.

On the other hand, this supplement is also available on the GNC website for $99.99 for a pack of 120 capsules. Moreover, GNC also offers free shipping within continental United States. 

Perhaps, the cheapest site to buy X 180 from is on Amazon (

Here, the 120-capsule pack retails for $69.39. However, you may need to check the exact shipping cost.

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