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Prime Male

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  • Fomula relies on only science-backed testosterone boosting substances
  • Has very high satisfaction rate among customers


  • Price per bottle is in the high range
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    Not delivered to a number of countries


Prime Male is one of the top testosterone boosting formulas I was able to find. Every of their ingredients is there for a reason - it's medically approved for increasing testosterone levels. 

The downside - Prime Male is one of the most expensive boosters on the market. So you pay for what you get. 

It's highly recommended unless you are ready to pay the price.

Prime Male is a testosterone booster that helps you get stronger, shed belly fat, improve your vitality and libido, and improve stamina.

It all sounds too promising, too good to be true.

That's why I needed to take a deeper look into its claims to see whether any of it holds any water.

So is Prime Male what it claims to be?

Prime Male at a Glance

Sure, its name might make you cringe, thinking how stupid do they really think I am?

It's indeed ridiculously named, playing up on our insecurities and ambition to be the best, the stronger, the top.

But putting that aside, Prime Male claims to be able to transform your life in 12 different ways. Let's count them:

  • More energy and vitality
  • More strength (by making it easier for you to build lean muscle mass)
  • Better mood
  • Enhanced libido
  • Lower blood pressure
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    Improved Stamina and Cardiovascular Health
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    Better prostate health
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    Better cognitive ability in the form of sharpness and more clarity

So yes, it does sound too good to be true.

You were right.

Or if its true and it does all these it should cost a fortune!

Before rushing to judge it by its price, it was more sensible to look at its formula.

And so I did.

How it works – Ingredients in Prime Male

You'd think that for this magic, red pill to achieve so many victories, an all-powerful ingredient – probably chemical and synthetic is at work.

Let me save you time.

There's none such ingredient. Prime Male improves your test levels with twelve herbal ingredients. The ingredients in Prime Male work in two distinct ways:

  • Trigger your body to produce more testosterone
  • Release existing testosterone in your body
  • Inhibit or slow down the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen and lutropin

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) helps release the luteinizing hormone which is responsible for the release of testosterone in your body. Studies suggest it can improve test levels by up to 60%.

An increase of this range means substantial change in strength and muscle gain. With an admittedly substantial dose of D-AA (1600mg), Prime Male says it "Reverses 42 years of testosterone loss in only 12 days!"


Think of this black pepper extract as the water boy in the team. It ensures the testosterone boosters in the formula are absorbed to the best of your body's capacity.

Fun fact, it can improve bioavailability by 20x.


Boron is an essential mineral who's job is very specific, it reduces an hormone in your body whose aim is to help testosterone convert into other hormones.

So, by allowing testosterone to be free in your bloodstream, as opposed to being bound to protein for conversion, Boron ensures your testosterone levels remain high and continue to increase.

A study found that 6mg of Boron (Prime Male contains 5mg) can increase free testosterone by almost 30% on average after eight weeks of daily use.

Boron also helps with inflammation, bone structure and cognitive function.

Korean Red Ginseng

This extract has been traditionally used to treat male impotence. It is also a known and widely used herb for improving vitality.


Magnesium helps increase your free testosterone, that is the percentage of testosterone available for direct use in your body as opposed to it being converted into other hormones, female and otherwise.

A study reveals that with 10mg of magnesium for one month, both athletes and those following a sedentary lifestyle had a substantial increase in their free testosterone levels by the end of the trial.


Think of is as the female hormone police.

Luteolin reduces the production of oestrogen in the human body and stimulates androgens to produce testosterone. Luteolin achieves this through its capacity to bind itself to oestrogen receptors, inhibiting their production.

Nettle Root

Lignans, compounds in nettle root have the ability to replace testosterone when the latter is bound to the SHBG. This releases testosterone in your blood stream, increasing the overall free testosterone levels so you can efficiently and more easily gain muscle during your workouts.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin has the power to activate your androgen receptors who are responsible for signalling testosterone release.

It is also associated with improved mood and vitality and enhanced libido. Its ancillary role is to ensure your body absorbs zinc and magnesium to the fullest of your body's capacity.

Vitamin D3

This vitamin normalizes oestrogen and testosterone levels, making sure your body doesn't uncontrollably convert test to oestrogen.

Vitamin K2

Another natural testosterone booster, Vitamin K2 also ensures D3 works well in its job to regulate oestrogen and test levels.

Vitamin K2 enables natural testosterone booster, vitamin D3, to work better in your body. Plus, vitamin K2 helps boost testosterone on its own. Although not a human study, a trial found a 50% increase in testosterone when rats were given K2 for five weeks.

Mucuna Pruriens

You might not now how to even pronounce this seed extract, but it doesn't really matter.

What you need to know is that it's capable of increasing your free testosterone levels, which means more testosterone available for building lean muscle.

A study showed an almost 30% increase in testosterone while this one found it reduces stress and improves semen quality.


Zinc ensures the luteinizing hormone in your body is abundant.

Why does this matter?

LH is responsible for stimulating testosterone production in your testes. In a study where vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium were administered to football players the subjects had a 33.5% increase in testosterone in just eight weeks. Not too shabby right?

In a reverse trial, when young men (27 to 28) had a restricted dietary intake of zinc, in less than 20 weeks their testosterone levels decreased by a whopping 73%.

PROS and CONS of Prime Male


  • Developed by Propura, a market leader for natural, safe supplements as their supplements contain no harmful synthetic ingredients
  • Scientifically-proven T booster ingredients
  • Endorsed by Andre Reed, Hall of Fame receiver, Scott Zolak, Broadcaster and retired Quarterback and men of all ages, physical attributes, and fitness ambitions
  • check
    Manufactured in FDA-approved facility and in accordance to GMP
  • check
    No-questions-asked 90-day money back guarantee
  • check
    Great customer support with online customer support and a blog for educating and informing customers and potential ones


  • Need to take four times/day. Hard to remember, fit into schedule and get used to it
  • Although it claims to be a t-booster, it's being marketed as an across-the-board anti-aging supplement. With a tagline "vitality complex", its developers don't do it justice given the research-proven T-boosting ingredients it contains

Side Effects

No reported side effects are associated with the daily consumption of Prime Male.

However, given that each individual responds differently to a supplement, no matter how natural or organic, you should consult your physician if you can take it along with a stack of other T-boosters or supplements, especially if you're a bodybuilder.

Testominials and Prime Male Reviews

Prime Male is receiving raving reviews by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders alike while supplement review sites consistently rank it among the top T boosters for the second consecutive year.

The celebrities like Dolph Lundgren, Andre Reed and Scott Zolac also stand for this supplement. 

You can find a TON of feedback from the customers on their official website, here's just a small part of the customer reviews:

Prime Male review by Thomas
Prime Male testimonial from Gavin
Pete's testimonial

This cannot but further add to its legitimacy as the go-to Test booster on the market right now.

Here are some video reviews I was able to find on the internet, that can shed a light on how this supplement really works:

Where to buy

You can get PrimeMale today from the official website, major cards and Paypal are accepted and all orders are tracked.

Pricing is as follows, with huge savings on bulk orders

  • BUY 3 Get 1 FREE $207

Is Prime Male the best testosterone booster?

We've still haven't found a T booster better than Testogen, but Prime Male is surely a close second.

It's the Top #2 testosterone booster for you if what you're looking for is an all-around improvement in your strength, stamina, vitality and libido.

It can make your workouts more effective as free testosterone in your body will make building lean muscle mass and fat elimination faster and easier than before.

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