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pro testosterone reviews

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  • Fenugreek is considered as beneficial for testosterone
  • Overall safe to use


  • It's a pure fenugreek extract with cheaper alternatives available
  • Fenugreek is not the strongest agent that increases test levels
  • MUCH more effective alternatives for the same price


The product is a 600 mg of pure fenugreek extract. While this supplement is very beneficial for overall health, it's still not the best choice for testosterone boosting. There are more effective micronutrients that this product lacks. 

Pro Testosterone is a testosterone booster that claims to help you improve your physical strength and performance, have a better sex drive and achieve these through an increase in your free roaming testosterone.

We've searched high and low about Pro Testosterone to see how it compares to top-ranking T boosters and evaluated it for its efficiency, safety of results, speed of results and overall performance among other things.

So, how did it do?

At a Glance

ProTestosterone increases your libido and strength and helps you build up your confidence as an alpha male through a distinct increase in power and lean muscle mass.

And it does all these naturally.

This supplement puts a stop to the ever-declining levels of testosterone associated with aging, stress and busy schedules.

It gives men and athletes the needed boost they need to workout more, get stronger and achieve the body image they want.

The supplement's claims:

  • Addresses issues and symptoms associated with low testosterone levels
  • Improves sexual virility and drive
  • Frees testosterone in your body so you can use it to build more lean muscle during your workouts
  • All-natural, No side effects
  • Improves vitality and mood, helps you reclaim your youthful self

How Pro Testosterone Works

Pro Testosterone contains natural ingredients scientists have found to increase free testosterone in your body.

This is the winning advantage of Pro Testosterone; the more free testosterone you have in your body, the more capable the latter is to get stronger, the easier it is to gain lean muscle mass, and lose fat.

When testosterone is not attached to any protein in your body, it has no other role but to enhance all those things that make you, 'manly', improved sex drive and energy, the ability to build a strong body with lean muscle and less fat stored.

Pro Testosterone claims to achieve all these with a single ingredient, fenugreek.

This herbal extract increases your serum testosterone levels by not allowing testosterone to convert into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).



Unlike most T boosters which recruit a whole lot of herbs, vitamins and amino acids, Pro Testosterone begs to differ by only including fenugreek, also known as trigonella foenum-graecum.

Fenugreek is a popular herb widely used in India and other Eastern regions.

Fenugreek was found in a human clinical trial to be able to boost your testosterone, however more recent studies showed contradictory results, with the numbers not adding up to support its T boosting capacity.

One of its basic roles it to normalize the metabolism of glucose in your body and improve your libido.

A 2010 study with college students found that 500mg of fenugreek increased testosterone levels in the subjects. The male students also had a drop in body fat while their lean muscle increase was not statistically significant, the researchers concluded.

"The authors concluded that 500 mg of daily AI supplementation significantly affected percent body fat, total testosterone, and bioavailable testosterone compared with a placebo in a double-blind fashion"

A different double-blind study with a larger dose (600mg) of fenugreek extract showed that it can support normal testosterone levels and improve male libido and virility.

Despite the positive results of the two previous studies, another double-blind study showed no impact whatsoever to testosterone levels. The study participants, 45 resistance trained males took 500mg of fenugreek extract but the bioavailability of their testosterone did not change.

Pros and Cons of Pro Testosterone


  • Scientifically backed ingredient with proven capacity to boost testosterone
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • check
    Customer support in the US, Brazil, Australia and Europe with dedicated lines in the UK and Germany
  • check
    Mid-range priced T booster, 1-month-supply starting at $49. Free bottles for purchases of two or more Pro Testosterone bottles


  • Single-ingredient formula that feels weak compared to top ranking T boosters such as Testogen and Prime Male
  • Poorly designed website with limited useful content. No page for ingredient breakdown other than a bad quality small image that's virtually undecipherable
  • Lack of customer testimonials, positive 5-star testimonials only on official website
  • check
    Delayed delivery with US orders being delivered between 1 and 2 weeks, and international order can take up to 21 business days to arrive which mean one has to always order in advance to avoid running out of the supplement

Potential Side Effects

While no side effects have been reported from users of Pro Testosterone, it's recommended that you consult your physician before purchasing it, especially if you're taking other T boosters that contain fenugreek.

Uncontrolled consumption of fenugreek seeds in the form of tea or in dietary supplements is linked to flatulence and diarrhea while nonstop consumption might result in a sweet-smelling urine.

Oddly enough, women have traditionally used Fenugreek to naturally achieve breast enlargement and improve milk production post-labor. This ability is attributed to the fact that fenugreek contains diosgenin, a sapogenin that can create synthetic oestrogen.

Reviews and Testimonials of Pro Testosterone

Reviews by scientists, doctors are not found anywhere online and nor does the company selling Pro Testosterone offer such insights as to their product's safety and efficiency.

Other than that, reviews by amateur athletes, bodybuilders and product affiliates claim that Pro Testosterone is a safe to take testosterone booster.

Where to Buy

buy pro testosterone

You can buy Pro Testosterone from the official website and benefit from a secure transaction and be eligible for the money back guarantee as long as the product is not opened.

Buying from the official seller ensures you get the authentic Pro Testosterone too at the best price on the market.


Pro Testosterone contains an ingredient that's scientifically proven to balance testosterone levels.

However, compared to supplements that contain other potent T boosters like D-AA, Vitamins K2, B6 and Tongkat Ali, Pro Testosterone makes for a weak case.

In terms of efficiency, speed of results, safety and overall performance we don't rank Pro Testosterone high among the top T boosters. Essentially, you can buy pure fenugreek extract for much cheaper price instead of buying this product.

You can check out the top-rated testosterone boosters here to find the muscle gain supplement that's right for you.

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