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Reviewed Product: TestBoost

testboost prime nutrition

Overall Ratin​g:


User Satisfaction:




  • Cheaper than other supplements
  • Numerous customer feedback available
  • Made by well-known Prime Nutrition company


  • Not the strongest formula on the market
  • Powder form may be not convenient for some people
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    Proprietary formula with no clear dosages of each ingredient


TestBoost on a positive side is created by a well-known company Prime Nutrition. On a negative side - it's formula is not so strong for natural testosterone boosting, and proprietary formulas are always on my low list. 

While the supplement  is widely known and has numerous customer feedback, it's quite mixed from positive to negative reviews. I'd recommend to look into more powerful alternatives.

Testboost by Prime Nutrition is a natural testosterone support supplement. It claims to improve your testosterone levels, increase your sex drive and improve your strength.

It everything a man wants to hear but does it live up to its hype?

I'm here to find out.

At a glance

Testboost is a natural testosterone booster, in that it offers you a safe, natural and above all, legal way to improve your body's ablity to produce testosterone; the hormone you need for building strength and lean muscle, improving your stamina and libido.

At a glance Testoboost doesn't seem too shabby:

  • Increases your testosterone levels
  • Improves your sex drive
  • Improves your physical strength
  • Not your average supplement flavor, comes in green apple and watermelon flavours
  • Not a pill, you need to take a scoop daily with water along with your dinner or lunch
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    Part of Prime Nutrition PERFORMANCE SERIES supplements designed to give you quality natural ingredients to achieve your muscle and strength goals.
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    Features the king of natural testosterone-boosting ingredient, tribulus terrestris

How Testboost works

powder form

Is a four-ingredient formula enough to improve your testosterone?

That's what Testboost's producers hoped for. Testboost includes Tribulus Terrestris, Stinging Nettle, Taurine and NMDA all of which are conducive to achieving or maintaining healthy testosterone levels preliminary research has shown.


Stinging Nettle

Testboost contains 200mg of stinging nettle (or Urtica dioica), an herbal plant that improves your CNS function and can contribute to muscle strength.

Tribulus Terrestris

With no less than 500mg of Tribulus Terrestris, it's no wonder that Testboost claims to be a natural testosterone enhancer.

Tribulus Terrestris is a scientifically proven plant that improves your reproductive health system and normalizes your testosterone production levels.

It's a Mediterranean plant that has been traditionally used in alternative medicine for addressing sexual health and fertility issues. Studies has shown that it can improve sexual drive and virility, as this 2012 study on oligozoospermia showed.

A study published in the Strength Conditioning Research Journal found that although many testosterone boosting supplements that contain Tribulus Terrestris claim it can significantly improve lean muscle growth and strength, it doesn't. The study was published in 2007 and the researchers concluded:

"T. terrestris did not produce the large gains in strength or lean muscle mass that many manufacturers claim can be experienced within 5-28 days."

Examine.com also reports no direct causality between t. terrestris and increase in testosterone levels based on the review of 4 studies it concludes:

"In otherwise healthy males, testosterone is not influenced with supplementation of tribulus terrestris. There may be an increase in infertile men, but this is weak."


A key ingredient in Testboost is Taurine, an amino acid that helps alleviate stress thanks to its ability to stimulate the production of the GABA neurotransmitter. Less anxiety and stress mean lower cortisol levels and lower cortisol translates to better sex drive.

It is also worth noting that high cortisol has the opposite effect of testosterone; it has a catabolic effect on your muscles, it supports their breaking down and taurine makes sure your cortisol levels are kept in check by inducing relaxation.


NMDA is a stimulatory receptor upon which the D-aspartic acid (D-AA) works on. D-AA regulates the production of testosterone in your body and so by including NMDA in TestBoost, its producers sought to boost testosterone production in your body.

A study demonstrated the insufficiency of NMDA to affect testosterone. During the four-week supplementation of NMDA and resistance training, the gonadal and cortisol hormones in the subjects' bodies weren't affected. The researchers concluded it doesn't increase endogenous levels of testosterone:

"While resistance training was effective in increasing muscle mass and strength, it was not preferentially due to NMDA supplementation."
ingredients in testboost

Side Effects

Testboost only contains natural herbs and plant nutrients which make it a safe, natural testosterone booster.

So, unless you're allergic to any of its herbal ingredients, you won't experience any side effects.

Pros and Cons of Testboost


  • Lacks scientific proof that any of its ingredient in isolation or together support testosterone production and increase in your body.
  • Lacks convincing before and after testimonials and reviews testifying to its efficiency.
  • Reviews of the supplement on bodybuilding.com for instance are mixed, some overhyped and some plain discouraging for the potential user.


  • Natural testosterone booster
  • Affordable supplement to complement your strength and muscle gain training
  • Developed by prestigious Prime Nutrition company
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    Same day shipping and customer support available
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    Not a pill, but a powder with two flavors to choose from, watermelon and green apple

Where to buy TestBoost

If you want to give Testboost a try you can get it from the official seller. It's an affordable performance supplement at $29.99 per month.


Testboost is certainly not the best test booster out there. It can nonetheless improve your sex drive and support your testosterone increase if taken responsibly and as part of a muscle-gaining regime that perhaps include other testosterone supplements too.

Recommended Alternatives


For an alternative to Testboost, I recommend Testogen, a natural testosterone booster that helps you reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. Testogen is 100% natural and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

By it's super-effective formula with powerfully dosed ingredients only, Testogen will help you build up more confidence, sex drive and lean muscle.

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