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  • Fomula contains D-Aspartic acid
  • Has very high satisfaction rate among customers
  • Made by reputable Leading Edge Health company


  • Price per bottle is in the high range
  • check
    Serving size is 4 capsules/day, 30 capsules in a package only


TestRX is a well-balanced formula for boosting your testosterone levels, with no nasty side effects. I'm really happy with the results so I'd highly recommend it for natural side-effects free way to boost your T levels.

TestRx is a testosterone booster, one of many new supplements that make it easier for you to build the body of your dreams.

Although not a quick fix, TestRx claims to combat persistently annoying issues like low libido, ever-increasing body fat and muscle gain plateaus despite working your ass at the gym.

With its claims admittedly sounding over the top, I was curious to see how does it compare to leading T boosters and so I had to take a deep dive into TestRx.

TestRx at a Glance

As with all top ranking test boosters, TestRX claims to naturally improve your testosterone levels and help you get things like:

  • More Lean Muscle Mass
  • More Body Power and Physical Strength
  • Improved Physical Performance, Stamina, and Energy
  • Fast Workout Recovery and Fat Loss

Now the premise upon which TestRx formula is based on is quite simple.

Testosterone is the building block for building a stronger, fitter body. Because testosterone is essential for protein composition in your body, unless you have enough of it in your body, no matter how much protein you consume, muscles aren't going to build themselves.

So essentially, TestRx takes things from the top. It increases the one key ingredient in your body capable of helping you build muscle, become stronger and reduce body fat while at it.

How Does Test Rx Work

TestRx's formula of all-natural ingredients, vitamins, herbs, and minerals naturally and safely increase your testosterone levels making it easier for you to workout more, increase your muscle mass and get stronger with each passing day.

TestRx achieves all these thanks to a handpicked formula with proven ingredients that saved it a place in my top 5 list of testosterone boosters.

Ingredients in TestRx


test rx formula

Test Rx contains ZMA, it's a researched formula consisting of Zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6.

This trio has been put to the test and was found to substantially improve testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) in football players in less than eight weeks.

ZMA that is, increases the two most important hormones for becoming stronger and building more lean muscle. Its secondary role is to improve energy levels and vitality, help your recover faster, and boost your immune system


Can a natural ingredient boost your test by up to 60%?

It turns out yes and it goes by the name D-aspartic acid (575mg).

This amino acid is responsible for how your body produces testosterone. It signals to your testes to produce more testosterone and helps your brain set in motion important processes like the release of the luteinizing hormone and the human growth one.

It's been found, according to a recent study, that D-AA can increase testosterone levels anywhere between 30 to 60%.

Tribulus Terrestris signals to your body to produce more testosterone too.

So rather than taking synthetic testosterone, TestRx helps your body do it naturally and more efficiently as such.

It's no coincidence, Tribulus Terrestris is almost in every natural test booster out there. An animal study confirmed that administering Tribulus Terrestris helps improve muscle mass and performance.

Another study on semen quality and potency also shown that it can improve the body fat index of infertile men and semen quality.

Fenugreek (75 mg) improves libido levels in men with erectile dysfunction, but most importantly, it was found to help in lowering body fat in men and increasing the bioavailability of testosterone, this study shows.

Vitamins D3, K2 and B6

These Vitamins either normalize your testosterone levels if the latter are low or help increase testosterone levels.

Let's take it from the top though.

Vitamin D3 (2.85 mg), a study with 165 participants found that vitamin D3 administration for about a year increases the total and free testosterone of these men by 25%. This is a huge finding that confirms just how essential Vitamin D3 is if you're looking to get stronger and ripped.

Vitamin K2 (0.005 mg) When your body is devoid or running very low on K2 your testosterone levels are also affected. Or so did a study with animals showed.

Vitamin B6 (1.250 mg) helps your body regulate how your body uses oestogen and converts testosterone into the female hormone.

Overall, when your Vitamin B6 reaches optimum levels (TestRx helps a lot) your test levels are higher and your estrogen are lower which means you store fat less easily and build muscle much easier. It is also associated with more efficient energy use and better mood.

Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Produced in the USA by reputable company, Leading Edge Health in Tennessee, that was established in 1999 and with products having outstanding customer satisfaction indices. All-natural formula, no chemicals, no steroids.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • check
    Transforms your body as you can build muscle faster, have more energy and improve your libido
  • check
    Ideal dosage formula for maximum impact
  • check
    High Quality Ingredients, TestRx developed in a cGMP facility
  • check
    Extensively discussed, scrutinized, and vouched for in bodybuilding forums, video testimonials and other online channels, testifying to its capability to improve testosterone.
  • check
    You can save $$ on shipping costs by buying in bulk
  • check
    Unopened bottles eligible for full refund when returned within 60 days under the money back guarantee


  • A high-range priced supplement starting at $69.95/month
  • Available only online
  • Not a well-known brand (however very effective from my own tests)

Potential Side Effects

As TestRx contains no steroids, you can have peace of mind it won't mess up your health and fitness goals.

However, even if all ingredients in TestRx are natural that doesn't mean you should take it without first consulting your physician. Especially if you have a chronic disease or any other important health issue, check first with your doctor before placing your order.

Test Rx is an all-natural, US-made T booster designed to smash your workout plateaus and help you get ripped and stronger faster than ever. And they have a research-grounded formula to back this up.

TestRx Testimonials and Reviews

As it was mentioned earlier, up to this date, testimonials are limited to reviews by bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

No doctor or celebrity endorsement exists to the best of my knowledge. Video testimonials and before and after reviews on dietary supplement portals and personal blogs confirm that Test RX is a potent natural T booster that could have the same results for you.

Where to buy

buy testrx

You can get Test Rx today from the official website.

Major credit cards are accepted, orders are tracked and packages are dispatched from the US, meaning you can get your TestRx within 48 hours or so and in a just 2 weeks if outside the US.

Is TestRx an efficient testosterone booster?

You can see immediate change in your mood and stamina but it will take up to 3 months for your to witness the physical merits of taking TestRx.

You will feel and be stronger, you will smash one workout plateau after the other and feel stronger by replacing wobbly fat with lean muscle.

Place your order today and don't forget to go off TestRx for a few weeks, to prevent your body from producing extra oestrogen to balance the increasing levels of test in your body.

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