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  • Clinically tested ingredients
  • Created by Weider Global Nutrition
  • Very attractive price per supply
  • check
    Only 2 pills/day needed


  • Doesn't conaitn most potent T-boosting nutrients
  • May help if you live an active lifestyle
  • Not a lot of real customer feedback


Although the supplement is marketed as a testosterone support, it doesn't directly affect testosterone production. It's good for overall increase in performance, endurance, and lean muscle mass. Not really suitable for people with inactive lifestyle. Overall - nice supplement based on 100% natural nutrients.

We’re willing to bet quite a bit on the fact that ANYONE who has ever stepped within the boundaries of a bodybuilding or a weight training facility knows the name Weider.

And if you happen to be the sort of a person who in Arnold’s famous words “feels like he’s in heaven while pumping up” then you know Joe Weider as the father of modern bodybuilding and strength training principles.

What is We​​​​ider Prime


Weider Global Nutrition is the parent firm of Weider Prime. This supplement has been in production since 2013 is association with MDrive.

Weider Prime is being pitched as “healthy way to enhance our body’s ability to maintain body’s testosterone levels

There are 4 core benefits that Wieder Prime promises; first of all, it promises to bump up testosterone levels in a way that does not have any adverse effects.

Secondly, it positions itself as a way to improve you cardiorespiratory endurance. Cardiorespiratory endurance is essentially the measure of how well your muscles combined with your heart and lungs work as a team to keep you performing at your physical peak for extended time periods. This piece of information is especially pertinent to athletes.

Thirdly, it promises to help you get rid of unwanted fat and lastly it promises to bring about an improvement in your lean body mass. Both of these benefits are desirable for any man regardless of age.

Apart from its 4 core benefits, Wieder Prime also promises to be gluten free. We see gluten-free plastered willy-nilly from muffins to drugs and now supplements. Does going gluten-free really offer a tangible benefit? 

Not according to science, if you’re not part of a very small group of people who have a condition called Celiac Disease, which is a rare disorder that affects small intestine when gluten is consumed. 

In fact according to this 2017 study if you do not have Celiac Disease, then going completely gluten free could increase your risk of heart disease.  

How Weider Prime Works

Weider Prime achieves the above mentioned benefits through a combination of two key ingredients, KSM-66 or ashwagandha and chromium.

It touts ashwaganda as its main test enhancement vehicle and chromium as the key ingredient for body fat reduction and improved lean body mass.

Although there are host of other ingredients (which we will discuss in detail) with their benefits some of them may not be correlated directly to either testosterone boost or fat loss.


ingredinets in weider prime

Ashwagandha is a pillar of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system native to India. It's been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to tackle a host of issues ranging from infertility to waning libido and boosting endurance and testosterone.

It has been scientifically shown how ashwagandha can positively impact male testosterone. This 2010 study shows how taking ashwagandha root increased testosterone in infertile men.  

High levels of cortisol, a naturally produced steroid hormone in human body, are responsible elevated stress.

Ashwaganda has also shown the ability to curtail cortisol production thus helping in stress management. It is considered an adaptoden.

It helps the body ‘adapt’ to certain conditions. In short, adaptogens help strengthen and balance your body’s response to stress or other environmental changes around you. This 2008 paper establishes how ashwaganda reduces cortisol productions thus improving stress resistance.

Chromium has sevral benefits for human health such as improving diabetes markers and assistance in heart muscle rehab after experiencing a heart attack.

Chromium is being touted as their flagship fat-buster by Weider Prime. We did a fair bit of digging on this and the results we found could be described as “inconsistent” at best. Why do we say that?

This study for example indicates that chromium could help in both reduction in body fat and increase in lean body mass. On the other hand though, this 1996 study paints a picture that is entirely opposite. It says there is no significant fat reduction or any increase in strength or muscle mass.

The subjects however in this study were healthy young men ranging from 19 years to 27 years. Although not stated specifically but this could be one of the reasons that they did not experience the fat reduction benefits.

This leads us to believe that Chromium might not have the same the benefits if your fitness level is not sub-par.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is essentially a plant based compound commonly found in vegetables such as kale, broccoli, cabbage etc. DIM has several key health benefits for both men and women.

For instance DIM might have a suppression effect on gene mutation responsible for breast cancer. This research shows DIM’s favorable impact on breast cancer biomarkers.

But specific to this review, DIM has been known to maintain a hormonal balance. It does so through efficient metabolism of estrogens and improved levels of free testosterone.

This leads to a better overall metabolism thus resulting in body fat reduction and increase in lean mass.  This 2011 research indicates that DIM indeed can enhance estrogen metabolism.

cordyceps extract

Cordyceps Extract, also known as the “caterpillar fungus” is a type of mushroom mainly found in and around China and Nepal.

It has been a key component in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. It is known to improve renal and cardiovascular health.

More specifically to our review it has been associated with increase in libido and improvement of reproductive ability in men.

For instance this 2011 meta-study examines various pharmacological and therapeutic benefits of Cordyceps, two of which are increase in stamina, and increase in libido.

Here’s another meta-study that refers to a trail in mice. It showed a 30% increase in stamina in a group of mice and a 73% increase in another group of mice.

Piperine is essentially an extract from common table black pepper. Apart from making our food taste good, it has numerous benefits from treating cold and infections to improved digestion.

More specifically piperine can enhance nutrient bioavailability, which means it aids in better nutrient absorption from our food and supplements. This 2013 paper explains how herbal bio-enhancers (including piperine) aid in better nutrient absorption. Here’s another resource that explains how piperine can aid in efficient nutrient absorption.

Calcium, we all know is an essential nutrient that is crucial to our bodily functions from enhanced cardiovascular and renal health to protection against Osteoporosis. More specifically, calcium has been found to aid in testosterone levels in active men.

This 2009 research shows how calcium supplementation may positively impact free and total testosterone levels in active men thus leading to improvement in overall athletic performance.     


Zinc as calcium is also an important nutrient that we need. From controlling and regulating immune responses to treating diarrhea and positively impacting learning and memory formation, the benefit list is quite long.

Zinc deficiency has been known to impact negatively testosterone levels n men.

There are several studies that link zinc supplementation to increased levels of testosterone in men. For instance this 2000 study shows that zinc and magnesium supplementation may increase both total and free testosterone in men.

Another 1996 study conducted with subjects ranging from ages 20 to 80 years shows that zinc deficiency and supplementation can affect testosterone levels in men both young and old.   

A meta-study done in 2010, shows how zinc supplementation can aid in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.  Zinc supplementation can also impact the energy conversion process thus improving our endurance and physical performance as shown by this 2010 study.

Although short term B12 deficiency doesn’t have much of an effect but a more pronounced B12 deficiency can lead to anemia, fatigue and lower levels of endurance as demonstrated by this.

Vitamin D3, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, is produced by our body as a response to sun exposure. It has several key functions.

It maintains the health of bones and teeth, it strengthens immune system, brain, and nervous system, and it regulates insulin levels and aids diabetes management.

Vitamin D it seems though is directly related to testosterone levels in men. This 2011 study examines the effects of Vitamin D supplementation in men with low testosterone levels.

It concludes that Vitamin D supplementation may positively impact the levels of both total and free testosterone levels in men.

Vitamin D supplementation has also shown to improve the symptoms related to depression in overweight male subjects as shown by this 2008 study.

Vitamin B6 is responsible for a range of physical and psychological functions. Its most important roles include maintaining a robust nerve function, keeping the liver healthy, maintaining skin health, eye health & more specific to this review to boost energy levels and to keep up kick up a sluggish metabolism thus assisting in fat loss and weight management.

One of the possible ways it aids in weight loss is through conversion of glycogen present in our liver to glucose.

This aids in efficient carbohydrate metabolism thus producing more energy from less calories and aiding in weight management.

Vitamin B12 although not directly related to testosterone spike, keeps the nervous system healthy, boosts your cardiovascular heath, aids in digestion and better mood.

2004 paper

Side Effects

We will examine major side effects (if any) of each ingredient to give you a clearer picture and help you make the right decision.

  • Ashwagandha is generally considered well-tolerated in small to medium doses.
  • If taken in high dosages Diindolylmethane can actually cause increase in estrogen levels in men plus darkening of urine.
  • Reported side effects from cordyceps supplements include nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth and mild stomach upset.
  • check
    Not many human studies are conducted to study the side effects of piperine. However, some people reported minor gastrointestinal tract disorder after misusing piperine products.
  • check
    Although Chromium is safe for most adults who do not have any serious conditions, but some people may experience side effects such as skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, mood changes and impaired thinking, judgment, and coordination.
  • check
    At 35 mg per dosage, Calcium in Weider Prime is not high enough to be a cause of concern.
  • check
    High doses of zinc above the recommended amounts might cause fever, coughing, stomach pain, fatigue, and many other problems.
  • check
    Weider Prime delivers 2000% of daily value for Vitamin B12. You should note that excessive dosage may cause mild diarrhea, itching, or a feeling of swelling all over the body may occur.
  • check
    Weider Prime delivers 500% of daily value for Vitamin B6. You should note that excessive dosage over long term may cause nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, headache, tingling, sleepiness
  • check
    Higher D3 doses may cause nausea, vomiting,  poor appetite, stomach Pain, constipation and diarrhea

User Reviews

Weider Prime’s Amazon page has over 70 reviews with an average score of 4 starts out of 5, which is quite decent if not stellar.

You can visit their Amazon page here https://www.amazon.com/Weider-Prime-Testosterone-Support-Black/dp/B015UHHM3U?th=1

How It Stacks Up Against Other T-Boosters

Most of the top 5 T-boosters (such as TestoFuel, Testogen, TestRx, Test-Max) have 3-4 ingredients in common such as fenugreek, DAA, ginseng extract, Vitamin B and D, nettle root.

Although the formulation of Weider Prime’s is fine but the dosages of the actual money makers (the T-boosting ingredients) is not nearly high enough to rival the top dogs of T-booster category.

It may however assist in maintenance of the T-levels but we doubt that with current dosages it will cause a marked testosterone boost.

Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a testosterone supplement that “maintains” testosterone levels and is not heavy on the pocket then Weider Prime will make a decent choice with 30-day supply (60 capsules) for $28.99.

That being said, if you are looking for a supplement that can bring about a marked rise in testosterone levels, then you may need to look at the other options available. They of course come at much higher price point.

Where To Buy

You can find Wider Prime at both at their official website https://weiderprime.com/ and their Amazon page at https://www.amazon.com/Weider-Prime-Testosterone-Support-Black/dp/B015UHHM3U?th=1

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