Tongkat Ali For Increasing Testosterone: The Walking Stick You Need For Better Hormonal Health

tongkat ali root

​​Testosterone is just a chemical – while you have plenty. But when those levels begin to dip – whether from getting in your 30’s, intense training or just plain deficiency, it becomes much more. So much of what we think of when we say a real man – confidence, physical strength, muscles – is determined by your … Read more

D-aspartic Acid For Testosterone: The Lies And The Truth

d-aspartic acid for testosterone

Every once in awhile, a new “next best thing since sliced bread” appears on the supplement market. A few years ago it was Tribulus Terrestris. Before that, Ashwagandha was all the rage. Lately, the ingredient bodybuilders have praised is D-aspartic acid. It promises to pump up your testosterone, fast-track your muscle growth and supercharge your libido. However, as with every … Read more